Research & Development

Cell Line Engineering:

Enzene Cell Line Engineering department consists of dedicated team of scientist and researchers working towards the development of high expressing microbial strains and mammalian cell lines.We are working on developing robust expression platforms through unique vector construction and developing novel host systems through latest/cutting edge technologies.


  • Development of high expressing production grade microbial strains and mammalian cell lines
  • Design and development of high expression vector host system.
  • Development of knock out cell lines using the innovative and cutting edge gene editing technology.
  • Clone Selection and Process optimization.
  • Development of automated solutions for key stages within the cell line development workflow.

  • Infrastructure:
    CLE lab is equipped with world class infrastructure and cutting edge equipment

  • Fully automated robotic clone selection system like ClonePix2.
  • BSL Class II biosafety cabinets.
  • Latest qPCR and PCR systems.
  • Automated Cell imaging system.
  • Automated spectrophotometer for DNA, RNA and protein quantification.
  • Cutting edge bioinformatics software and tools.